Do you want to aim high and dream big with us?


aim’n is a fast growing Sweden/New Zealand based activewear brand with a global reach. aim’n was launched in 2014 in Halmstad, Sweden by Tekla & Helen and we are now expanding our aim’n family.

The work environment at aim’n is fast-paced, dynamic, creative and no day is like the other. Our aim is to inspire and motivate all women across the world to their active lifestyle and to make them believe in themselves and the power of their dreams.


Our aim

Our aim is to inspire and motivate every women across the world to their active lifestyle and to make them believe in themselves and the power of their dreams.

We want our clothes to be a reminder of where you are aiming and which dreams you want to fulfill, everytime you wear them. Everyone is welcome in our tribe and we aim to create a more positive mindset and make them think of what they really dream of in live. Are they happy? If not- do something about it! A happy life comes from identifying dreams, taking actions and creating the life you want.


Why aim'n?

Our aim is to inspire and motivate every girl & woman to an active lifestyle. We want you to believe in yourself and YOUR dreams. This has been our mission since day one and it’s reflected in everything we do. In. Every. Little. Detail.
aim’n is a brand that is founded by women, for women. Our hearts are set to create a world where every girl and woman is happy & healthy; being their best self and living their dreams. To us it’s super important to empower each other to boost our body, mind, and health and to follow our hearts & dreams. aim’n stands for sustainable lifestyle, dreams, inclusivity, self-love and body positivity. We believe that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.
A tribe of women who motivate each other to live an active lifestyle; who remind each other to believe in themselves and their dreams - no matter what other people say. It's our community of women worldwide who support one another to be their best self. Everyone can join our tribe!
Rather than following other trends in the activewear industry, we enjoy creating new ones. The aim’n style is a mix of bold, playful and confident garments with a feminine touch. We are inspired by our everyday environment that challenges us and makes us feel alive. We love playing with unique twists, shape and details while never compromising fit or quality.
Our biggest wish is to make you feel confident, beautiful, happy, and awesome while you do the things you love. We hope our pieces are a reminder of your dreams and what you're aiming at, every time you wear them. That’s why we call them happy pants and dream reminders.
Our aim’n family is doing incredible work behind the scenes to create a wonderful aim’n experience every single day. Everything from design, product development, manufacturing, logistics, content creation, order fulfilment, communication, marketing, to website and social media - we have extraordinary humans behind us that take the aim’n vision forward. We are forever grateful to have such an amazing team & family.

Company Values

aim’n is for everyone
inspire & motivate
positive mindset
by women, for women
dreams are everything
work-life balance
“grow or fade”
sustainable & healthy lifestyle 
team spirit
believe in yourself


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